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Test Washers

Wilson-Garner stocks hardened square test washers and test nuts for running torque tension tests on threaded products. All products are certified and completely traceable by lot. Certifications include material, property class and surface treatment.

Now Stocking WZ102, GMW3359 / ISO16047

Test Washers

Metric Washer Stock Sizes
M6 Thru M24 Plain or Zinc Plated
Customary Washer Stock Sizes
1/4" Thru 1" Plain or Zinc Plated
  • Phos & Oil Finish is Available & Priced Upon Request

Stock Parts

Below are a list of some of our stock parts:

Part NumberDescriptionImage
SFM010HS M10 Square Test Washer Plain m10 Square Test Washer Plain
SFM010HZ M10 Square Test Washer Zinc M10 Square Test Washer Zinc
SFM010ALUM M10 Aluminum Square Test Washer M10 Aluminum Square Test Washer
SFM010SCE M10 Soft Square Washer E-Coat M10 Soft  Square Washer E-Coat
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